My Nap Friend!-Owl
My Nap Friend!-Owl
My Nap Friend!-Owl
Brand: Oops

My Nap Friend!-Owl

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Meet My Nap Friend Owl! The perfect cuddly companion for sweet dreams and peaceful naps. Sleep tight with this adorable owl.

Product features:

  • Packaging dimensions (cm): 12 x 5 x 30
  • Built-in Comforter Light: The Oops character comes with a built-in comforter light that emits a gentle glow, creating a calming and cozy ambiance for bedtime.
  • Multi-Color Light Display: The light changes from green to red, blue, and yellow, adding a touch of enchantment and making bedtime a magical experience for baby.
  • Easy to Use: Turning the light on and off is a breeze, as baby can simply press on the animal's belly or shell to control the comforting glow.
  • Encourages Restful Sleep: The soft cuddle Oops character with its comforting light helps baby feel safe and secure, promoting restful and peaceful sleep at nighttime.
  • The Perfect Snuggle Buddy: This cuddly friend becomes a fantastic snuggle buddy for baby, offering companionship and comfort throughout the night, making bedtime a cherished and soothing routine.

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